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Discover the humanitarian jobs in video

Natural disasters, conflicts, refugees and displaced persons… : daily events consist of numerous humanitarian crisis. If we speak a lot about NGOs and their interventions at these occasions, we speak less about the very jobs of humanitarians who go to the sites and we think quite often that we should really be a doctor for that.

However, an intervention in solidarity with weakened people is the result of logistical organisation, administrative and financial, which is implemented by a human chain composed of professionals from the NGO head office to the site of intervention.

In order to enable you to prepare your visit to the Salon des Solidarités and to discover these jobs not really well-known, the Bioforce Institute, training centre for humanitarian jobs, offers you to discover a fictional humanitarian program : the institute degree holders play the game and share their experience on the field.

Let’s take the direction of the Sahel for following a humanitarian mission and for understanding its functioning thanks to the testimonies of real professionals trained at the Bioforce Institute.

A web-documentary in 2 parts :

  • 9 videos for understanding a humanitarian mission in Sahel : eight essential jobs for coming to weakened people ‘s aid : logisticians, administrators, assignment managers, project managers…

  • 48 videos of questions-answers addressed to the Bioforce Institute degree holders, today working as humanitarians all over the world : what is their everyday life ? what are their motivations ? what had been their career path ? They relate all that and even more in individual interviews.


More than 1h30 of videos, to view on


The Bioforce Institute, based at Lyon-Vénissieux, is a training centre specialized into the humanitarian jobs and skills since 1983. More than 1800 persons are trained and accompanied by the Institute each year. Its professional trainings are designed in partnership with NGOs, which employ then many degree holders. More information about the Institute in the presentation brochure.

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