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Coordination sud

Coordination Sud is a non-profit organization, created in 1994, and is the French platform for the coordination of the NGOs from international solidarity. It is carrying out a double mission with representing the challenges and the common concerns of French private NGOs in international solidarity with public and private institutions, in France, in Europe and in the world, and is reinforcing the organisational side of the French NGOs. Coordination Sud is gathering more than 160 NGOs, with around a hundred through six collectives (Clong-Volontariat, Cnajep, CHD, Crid, Forim, Groupe Initiatives).

These NGOs are carrying out humanitarian actions of emergency, help for development, environment protection, defence of human rights with underprivileged people, and also actions for educating to citizenship, to international solidarity and for plea. It is developing the observation services, the diffusion of information, the support and advice proposed by her resource centre.
It is also offering trainings open to employees, and to all volunteers, members or not of international solidarity NGOs. Whatsmore it is managing the Fonds de renforcement institutionnel et organisationnel (Frio) which supports French NGOs in their approach of reinforcing their capacities and helps to finance external consultants interventions on many organisational issues (strategy, communication, organisation, financing, partnership, etc…).


Through its website, which is an information portal on international solidarity, Coordination Sud distributes member news and takes an inventory of job ads, work placements or services, in order to answer in the same time to the needs of the NGOs but also to people who wish to engage in this sector. Finally, it is facilitating thematic work commissions, dialogue spaces and the development of common points of view on major challenges about international solidarity (financing the development, farming and nutrition, climate, financing the NGOs, positive environment, health, humanitarian, type, etc…)

These collective workshops mobilise member representatives. Coordination Sud is part of French and international associative collectives : Mouvement associatif, Concord (Confédération des ONG européennes d’urgence et de développement) and Forum international des plates-formes nationales d’ONG (FIP).

In 2016, members of Coordination Sud had been consulted for establishing the next strategic planning (2017-2022) based on prospective thoughts run in 2015, which will identify possible scenarios within the French organisations in international solidarity, and how this will progress in the next few years.


Translated by Nathalie Verbrouk 

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