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When philantropy meets solidarity

IDEAS, Why ? How ?
When philantropy meets solidarity


IDEAS, why?
The Association IDEAS was born at the beginnning of the 2000 from an observation of a certified report : the lack of links between the associative world and the philantropique world. Hélène Dranssart, its founder, then takes the initiative to aassociate incommon thoughts reflexion, associations and Foundations, philanthropes and sponsors, as well as controller experts and audits to build together answers to expectatives and identified needs. It is how the Comité Expert, who, between 2007 and 2008, thought out the guide : IDEAS of Good Procedures with one objective : cover every aspect of working of an organisation, in its governorship, financial management and efficiency of action. Associations and Foundations invent every day, with pragmatism and sense of innovation, all the anwers to the consequences of mutations in force in our societie : they need to receive support to reinforce their capacity of action and sustain their financing.


IDEAS, how ?
IDEAS has brought into focus a volunteer and on a long term proceeding to accompany, in order to help Associations and Foundations to question, thoroughly their way of functionning.The well defined method, in the Guide of Good Procedures, proposes a global approach and an original and structurant model,based on a volunteer and long term accompanyment, There is no requested budget threshold to begin with this process, as long as the social object of the Assocations is dedicated to solidarity.

The 1st step of accompanyment allows to give a diagnosis, thanks to a documentary analisis work and interviews with the managers and members of the association .The diagnosis underlines the strengths of the organization but also identifies the points to be improved considerting the 120 indicators of the Guide IDEAS. From this diagnosis arises a step of optimisation, formalized by a convention, stating the different works to be effected, their timing and the role of every volunteer advisers for each one.The accompanyment is led on this basis by a 2 advisers team, among the presently hundred of active people helping IDEAS. A very special care is given to the recruitment of the volunteer advisers, as regards to their training, to the tools and the methodology of IDEAS. They constantly participate to workshps with different topics.The diversity of their skills and their experience enables to create teams with complementary profile, adaptated to each accompanyment, for a period of 8 to 18 months.After this period of accompanyment, and after the intervention of an independent and professional control, the Association may be presented to an autonomous ‘label comittee », who could grant her the IDEAS Label, certifiyng the good procedures, in governorsip, financial management and efficiendy in action.


IDEAS for which result?
Form the comments received from Associations and Foundations, and with the back up of experience since 2010, it appears that this thorough and progressive disposal, enables the Associations and Foundations to adapt with tools , that could have been out of reach, and acquire new skills.This considering of governorship, according a structured and clear method, is the basic step to reinforce the credibility of the accompanied organism, in order to ensure its perennity and guarantee the confidence of all its partners.The IDEAS process is articulated with a strategy of optimisation of the proceedings, developped with a deep dialogue : it does not mean an additional and unilateral control.
On top of that, it appears that this process may be appropriate to very different organisms, in their field of intervention, as well as in their volume of activities or length of existence : Old and active association, which prepares a change of governorship (exit fo the founder for instance) to formalize un written proceedings ; association facing a change in its development, change of size or regional or international settlement ; motivations are numerous, and the flexibility of the IDEAS procedure enables to give appropriate answers.


IDEAS in 2016
It is a label which proves to be effective since 2010 to the service of general interest.
There are more than 60 Associations and Foundations accompanied by more than a hundred of volunteer advisers.
There are 47 labelized Associations and Foundations.


   Suzanne Chami, Executive Director of IDEAS

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